15 Books for 2015

This year I decided to challenge myself on only buying 15 books. I have so many books waiting to be read that I doesn't make sense in purchasing more.

Today is day 15th of the year and guess what?! Yeap I've already bought the dam 15 books.
How did happen? I blame online shopping, it so easy, just a click here and there and it's done. All you have to do it's wait to be delivered.
Of course that websites with extra cheap books in english it's a plus and temptation in my book. Books in Portugal are so expensive, and most of the ones I got are not even available so I have that working for me.

The books I've ordered are:

How to Draw Noir Comics - The Art and Techique of Visual Storytelling by Shawn Martinbrough and Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative by Will Eisner

Storytelling through images is something I've really fond of. And also something I really want to explore more in the future. I don't think I want to create comics, but I would love to create a graphic novel, that's for sure. Besides that, storytelling applies to either large or short stories. Capture the essential in a few images is hard, but a good challenge too. I can't wait to put my hands on these books.
Learning Linocut: A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Relief Printing Through Linocut by Susan Yeates

Since I've experimented with Linocut, a couple years ago, I've been purchasing books and materials for some DIY printing. Unfortunately is very hard to find reading material about Linocut. So I decided to splurge and get this book.(It was the most expensive book from this 15 books lot and it cost 26€).

Legend, The First Cronicles of Druss the Legend, The Swords of Night and Day by David Gemmell from The Drenai Saga
One of the books that I own, and love most - from the cover to the story (I like it so much that I even bought it with the cover a little ruined) is White Wolf by David Gemmell. I bought years back. It was a book a saw in the shelf of local book-store over and over again, until the day I say I have to finally take it home. And I was not disappointed. A few years after the what I thought was the second book - The Swords of Night and Day was released but I never bought it. I meant to do it, but never did it. Last year I found out that these two books actually did part of a much bigger series - called the Drenai Series - which consists in 11 books! I instantly added them all to my wishlist. None of the books were released with chronicle order of the history, so I'm assuming it doesn't matter much the way you actually start reading the series. The first released book of the series was Legend (1984). The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend (1993) it's the 9th book of the series, and The White Wolf and The Swords of Night and Day were the last released books of the series in 2004. These last books are about the same character (Skilgannon The Damned) and can be read as a duology without be necessary the read of the series. - it's also known as the Damned Series.

Knights of Dark Renown by David Gemmell and Morningstar by David Gemmell
From the same author I've also got these two stand alone books. I'm not sure what to expect from these two book. From what I could read on goodreads bought happen during the medieval times, which is fine to me, since it's one of my favourite eras.

Dance with the Devil, The Dream-Hunter, Acheron, Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dark Hunter Series and Dream Hunter Series
I've been reading and obsessing by this series for a couple years now, the Dark Hunter Series. Many of them are available in portuguese, though I've only read them in English.
From the Dark Hunter series are about 20 books, but they have many companion books. In the total are 30ish books in the Dark Hunter Universe. I've only scratched the surface of this universe.
I've been mainly reading only the Dark Hunter Series, but I've also read a couple from the Dream Hunter series and from the Were Hunter Series. I've been also very curious about the Chronicles of Nick, but I'm still not sure if I want a physical copy of the book (thought the covers are GORGEOUS!)
From these 4 that I've actually bought, the first one - Dance with the Devil -  is the one that I've actually read (and re-read at least twice). I love it, so I really have to get a physical copy of it. I've read the second one - The Dream-Hunter - synopses so many times, that I'm pretty sure that I will love it. If you're familiar with the series, you know that the character Acheron is a central character (at least in all the books I've read he his). It's also a very mysterious character, so I can't wait to read a whole story just about him.

Born of Shadows and Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League Series

Also from the same author (yes more from the same author) but from a different series. These ones I've never read or heard of. I've choose the first one from the series and another one that attracted me. There are currently 8 released books in this series and more to be released. So if like it's going to be something to read for years. (I might just have doom myself). Born of Shadows was the cheapest book of this lot and it was 5,50€

The oldest, second hand book and only in portuguese (and written by a portuguese book) I got is "Lendas e Narrativas" from Alexandre Herculano. And though it is divided in two volumes I'm only counting it as one book. This book is a recollection of legends and stories from Portugal and can be considered as a classic.

So these are my 15 books for 2015. I hope I can keep with this resolution of not buying more books in 2015 and also that I read the last ones I've purchased last year too! (and that I haven't shared yet!!)


That moment that you feel like...


It hurts realize how alone you actually are in this world.
So many people, and the ones that actually care about you... well they fit in one single hand and there's fingers left.

I'm just going to cry myself to sleep... or emerge my thoughts on some fantasy world where I matter.


on following your dreams

"There are so many people that use 'following your dreams' as an excuse to not work,When in reality, following your dreams, successfully, is nothing but work."

 by Brandon Stanton, photographer (Humans of New York)


a mass of contradictions

"You appear to be a mass of contradictions; there’s a subsurface violence almost always in control, but very much alive. There’s also a pensiveness that seems painful for you, yet you rarely give vent to the anger that pain must provoke."

from The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum


On the observer separed from the events

"He could feel, think, see, perceive panic and struggle—yet strangely there was peace. It was the calm of the observer, the uninvolved observer, separated from the events, knowing of them but not essentially involved."

from The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum


Everything starts with a dream...

Everything Starts with a Dream Notebook Diary

Dreams and Stories come hand in hand with me. As long with notebooks and notepads to record them.
I'm an only child. So I've always played by myself, with my toys.
I've never been a loud child. When I played the dialogues of my toys and plots where all in my head.

Back in the day I know I use to dream. But I don't remember none of dreams. In exceptions for a very weird dream I use to have.
I would dream I was in some place like a restaurant, and it was pretty much empty. I was with one of my cousins (the only one who as the same age as me) and I know Captain Hook was coming to get us. (What?) We run to hide, and the only place we have to hide is an low cupboard all in transparent glass. The cupboard had some thick bordeaux/burgundy velvet curtains to hide what was inside. Inside of the cupboard where these HUGE ceramic plates, where we could sit over. And then after carefully sitting in the plate I would wake. Now if I tell you that one of my favourite movies is Hook (played by Dustin Hoffman and with Robbie Williams as Peter Pan)? And that one of my favourites characters was actually the Captain Hook? Or that the first theatre play I ever saw was Peter Pan? This dream never made sense to me. And probably it's not even suppose to. But I never forgot about it.

Dream Always and Forever Quote Notebook

In the hot summer of 2005, I was in my grandparents house spending a few days. I think it was the first time I was aware of daydreaming. And not the sort of daydreaming with something I wanted to do. Daydreaming with made up stories completely made up by my own head. It was AWESOME!
Gradually I've started to keep doing it.
I would tell myself stories to sleep, I would entertain myself when I needed to go somewhere, when I was in the car for long travels... Usually this sort of daydreaming leads me to actually sleep. Even if it is just for a nap.
I've also started to keep record of my favourite ideas of stories. I've still have most of these, though I know that most of them will never be anything more than some scribbles made by and dreamy teenager.

The jar of Dreams Notebook

From 2005 to 2008/2009 I've woke up many times in the morning with such awesome dreams that I would turn into stories. Into a point that if I didn't record the dream as it was, I din't know where the dream stop and my imagination begin. I have a couple of notebooks full with dreams and the main plot of stories that I've started to imagine. Most of them I look on them and I still love them.
Some of these stories (a tiny part) I shared with some and very few selected friends.
Maybe it's because I've dream it, I feel that these stories are very personal. It might also be because most of times I see myself of one of the main characters. Though 99% of the times the characters have nothing to do with me.

What inspired me to have such dreams? Well it could be anything, a movie I had seen, a book I've read. Most of the times I couldn't pin point what was my inspiration. But then I would stay inspired to write and spend time with these characters.

Unfortunately from 2009 until this day this sort of dreams have been decreasing, most of the times I don't even write them. I still create stories in my mind, I still tell them to myself to entertain me or to make me sleep. But I don't have as much dreams with great ideas as I use to have.

I've been thinking about the fact that I didn't write as much as I use to. I miss it.
It's definitely something I need to schedule in my time and to-do-list - Take time to daydream and write!

What about you, what sort of dreams you use to have?

Dreams Diary Notebook